Colombo, Sri Lanka – Chat2Find is excited to announce the launch of three new AI-powered platforms: LankaBIZZ, LankaTAX, and LankaLAW. These innovative solutions are designed to revolutionize how businesses, investors, and individuals navigate financial, tax, and legal landscapes in Sri Lanka.

LankaBIZZ: AI Assistant for Business & Investments

LankaBIZZ offers exclusive AI-based On-Demand Financial Research and Analysis. Catering to investors, this platform provides comprehensive insights into Sri Lankan companies, sectors, and the economy. Key services include:

  • Equity Research
  • Industry/Sector Analysis
  • Stock Market Performance
  • Economic Outlook

All reports are generated through an AI-powered platform and curated by qualified Investment Analysts, ensuring accuracy and reliability. As a special offer, new registrants can receive their first report free of charge.

LankaTAX: Your AI-Driven Tax Consultant

LankaTAX simplifies the complexities of tax compliance and planning for both individuals and businesses in Sri Lanka. This platform offers:

  • Tax Filing Assistance
  • Tax Planning
  • Compliance Management
  • Advisory Services

Utilizing advanced AI tools, LankaTAX ensures precise calculations and up-to-date compliance with the latest tax laws. Users also benefit from access to a network of experienced tax consultants, providing expert support and guidance.

LankaLAW: AI-Powered Legal Assistance

LankaLAW aims to make legal processes more accessible and understandable for everyone. The platform provides:

  • Legal Document Preparation
  • Case Analysis
  • Legal Advice
  • Compliance Checks

Combining AI technology with legal expertise, LankaLAW offers automated document generation and analysis, reviewed by qualified lawyers. This ensures affordable and timely legal assistance for both individuals and businesses.

Why Choose Chat2Find’s AI Solutions? 
Chat2Find leverages cutting-edge AI technology tailored specifically for Sri Lanka’s unique business, tax, and legal environments. By collaborating with seasoned professionals, Chat2Find ensures accuracy and reliability in all its offerings. The platforms provide on-demand services with timely delivery and competitive pricing, making them a convenient choice for users.

Get Started with Chat2Find Explore LankaBIZZ, LankaTAX, and LankaLAW today and experience the future of AI-driven business, tax, and legal solutions in Sri Lanka.

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About Chat2Find

Chat2Find is dedicated to leveraging AI to provide innovative solutions for business, tax, and investment research. As the parent company of LankaBIZZ, LankaTAX, and LankaLAW, Chat2Find continues to lead the way in delivering cutting-edge services tailored to meet the evolving needs of the Sri Lankan market.