Exciting Updates from Chat2Find: Expanding Our Suite of AI-Driven Solutions

Chat2Find is proud to announce the expansion of our innovative services with three specialized platforms: LankaBIZZLankaTAX, and LankaLAW. Each platform leverages advanced AI technology to provide unparalleled support for business, tax, and legal needs in Sri Lanka.

🌐 LankaBIZZ: AI Assistant for Business & Investments

LankaBIZZ offers exclusive AI-based On-Demand Financial Research and Analysis, catering to investors with comprehensive insights into Sri Lankan companies, sectors, and the economy.

  • Services: Equity Research, Industry/Sector Analysis, Stock Market Performance, Economic Outlook
  • Content & Verification: AI-generated reports curated by qualified Investment Analysts
  • Special Offer: Get your first report FREE!

💼 LankaTAX: Your AI-Driven Tax Consultant

LankaTAX simplifies the complexities of tax compliance and planning for individuals and businesses in Sri Lanka.

  • Services: Tax Filing Assistance, Tax Planning, Compliance Management, Advisory Services
  • Accuracy & Efficiency: AI tools ensure precise calculations and up-to-date compliance with the latest tax laws
  • Expert Support: Access to a network of experienced tax consultants

⚖️ LankaLAW: AI-Powered Legal Assistance

LankaLAW provides comprehensive legal support, making legal processes more accessible and understandable for everyone.

  • Services: Legal Document Preparation, Case Analysis, Legal Advice, Compliance Checks
  • AI & Legal Expertise: Automated document generation and analysis, reviewed by qualified lawyers
  • Accessibility: Affordable and timely legal assistance for individuals and businesses

Why Choose Chat2Find’s AI Solutions?

  • Innovation: Cutting-edge AI technology tailored for Sri Lanka’s unique business, tax, and legal landscapes
  • Expertise: Collaboration with seasoned professionals to ensure accuracy and reliability
  • Convenience: On-demand services with timely delivery and competitive pricing

Explore our platforms today and experience the future of AI-driven business, tax, and legal solutions in Sri Lanka.

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