Chat2Find (C2F) ICO

Welcome to the Chat2Find Initial Coin Offering (ICO)! By participating in this ICO, you’re not just purchasing C2F tokens, you’re investing in the future of AI search engines and conversational AI technology.

With a fixed supply of 7,000,000,000 C2F tokens, and no possibility of minting new ones, the value of these tokens is likely to increase over time.

Why Choose Chat2Find (C2F)?

Unrestricted Search Results: Chatt2Find can provide answers to a wide range of questions, even those that are classified or restricted.

Versatility: Chat2Find can be used for various tasks such as answering FAQs, summarizing texts, forecasting weather or market trends, predicting crypto, stock prices and assisting with research. It can also be used as a personal assistant for daily tasks.

Reliability: Chat2Find provides reliable information for research purposes, with citations and references to sources on users’ request.

Latest News: Chat2Find is updated with the latest news, views, and opinions on any topic.



1 C2F = 1 MATIC

ICO Contract address on the Polygon Network (MATIC): 0x997CE406c6cD30fC11837334Fad894D640301E9D

Send only MATIC to the above ICO contract address. You will receive the same amount of MATIC sent in C2F tokens. C2F will be automatically sent to your wallet address. Remember not to send MATIC from a cryptocurrency exchange.

MetaMask Matic Transfer

Direct Buy

Scan this QR code with your wallet and send MATIC directly to receive C2F tokens.


Chat2Find ICO QR

How to Participate in Chat2Find (C2F) ICO


Step 1: Add Polygon Network to Your Web3 Wallet


Step 2: Switch to Polygon Network.


Step 3: Add C2F Token to Your Wallet AND SEND MATIC TO ICO ADDRESS.

Add Polygon Network and Custom Token